Global Leaders in Screening Technology

SWECO is a leading manufacturer of customized industrial separation equipment. SWECO manufactures round, rectangular and pharmaceutical separators plus several lines of complementary separation products; centrifuges, grinding mills, finishing mills and a wide variety of aftermarket screens and parts.

SWECO patented the design of the first vibratory separator in 1942 and has been finding solutions to customers’ process needs ever since. SWECO is constantly striving to improve their products with advancements in the industry. Their designs are highly versatile and can be customized to your requirements. With over 70 years of design experience in separators, SWECO has developed hundreds of options and components that can be used to optimize a solution for your process.

The SWECO Technology Center allows you to run a small scale, half scale or full scale test of your application to determine what kind of SWECO machine is right for you. With the use of their wide range of test machines, SWECO can determine process feasibility and provide detailed Sieve Analysis or Particle Size Analysis of the materials before and after processing. Additionally, with their “scaling” capabilities, SWECO can also determine capacities on various machine sizes.

SWECO Advantages and Features

  • Application Engineering. SWECO’s application engineers can reference a comprehensive database of performance characteristics for quick and accurate assessments of your process capabilities. Data from controlled, in-house testing further ensures successful analysis and solutions to even your biggest application challenges.
  • Widest Range of Materials Screened. Only SWECO separators can handle such a broad range of materials . . . wet or dry, fine or coarse, heavy or light. Particles as fine as 400 mesh can be screened at high production rates.
  • Single or Multiple Separations. As many as four screen decks can be incorporated in one SWECO Separator, providing simultaneous separation into five fractions.
  • Less Blinding. Vibro-Energy action holds most screen blinding to an acceptable minimum. For materials with inherent blinding characteristics, SWECO has developed accessories to eliminate blinding.
  • Greater Capacity. In comparative tests, SWECO separators have shown greater capacity per square foot of screening area (from 1 to 90 sq. ft.) than other types of screening devices.
  • Highest Efficiency. SWECO’s nearly infinite (patented) no-tools force wheel adjustment assures more efficient processing than any other screening devices.
  • Longer Screen Life. Each screen cloth is held in uniform tension by drawing it taut on tension rings. The drum-tight screening surface vibrates freely without whipping against rigid supports, greatly reducing screen wear and increasing screen life.
  • Minimal Transmitted Vibration. No special flooring or foundation is generally required.
  • Less Space Required. For equivalent capacity, SWECO Separators require less working floor space than other screening systems.
  • Economy – Long Life, Less Power, Low Maintenance. Simplicity of design with few moving parts assures long life with little maintenance.

When you choose SWECO, you get more than a piece of equipment. You get 70 years of technological innovation, superior engineering and extensive customer support that is always close at hand. Contact us today to learn how SWECO can help you perfect your process.