Material Transfer & Storage

Our Company

Material Transfer has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer of custom material handling equipment by designing equipment which meets our customers’ specific application requirements. We listen first, make our recommendations second, then we deliver equipment which performs year after year.

Our Approach & Products

Material Transfer responds quickly to customer quotation requests, equipment questions, and general information requests because we value good service as much as you do. We have the flexibility to design and integrate our equipment with your existing process, or provide a complete material handling system with your plant preferred components.

Our units feature the heaviest construction in the industry, period. The additional strength of a Material Transfer unit results in longer equipment life, a sound return on your investment, and fewer headaches for you.

We’ve built our business the old fashion way, one customer at a time. We will not overpromise and under-deliver to obtain an order, or to please you in the short term. Your time and business is too important to us.

We utilize the finest components available; including: Parker, Bosch, SMC, Hoffman, Allen-Bradley, Turck, Baldor, and Reliance. If your plant specifications require a specific brand, we will gladly provide it.

Our equipment designs feature many exclusive and patent pending features not available from any other manufacturer. Material Transfer utilizes the highest quality components and experienced project engineers to build equipment which proudly bears our name.

We build to industry standards such as UL, CSA, NEC, CE, OSHA and ASTM.  Our products include container dumpers, bin dumpers, drum dumpers, tote dumpers, and custom hydraulic discharging equipment and systems.  We manufacture hydraulic, pneumatic and water actuated or powered discharging dumpers, discharging units and custom material handling systems.  Our products also include bulk bag, super sack or IBC discharging and filling system as well as drum fillers.  Hydraulic equipment is not limited to low level dumpers but also includes Lift & Dumper tote, drum and container dumpers all with or without our exclusive Lift & Seal, dust tight sealing system. 

The company has received numerous awards including two “Break-thru Product of The Year” awards for the Material Master™ Bulk Bag Material Conditioning System. This system is designed to condition or break up material that has hardened in super sacks, IBC or bulk bags resulting from adverse transportation, environmental, an/or material characteristics.

Our application experience includes pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, aggregate, agriculture, foundry, manufacturing, mining, packaging, pet food, petroleum, plastics, plating, stamping, governmental, explosives  and automotive. Our experience in dust tight handling of hazardous material in hazardous location environments with explosion proof or intrinsically safe drum, container, or tote dumpers has placed us in the forefront of designing and building custom hydraulic dumpers for these applications.

We believe that beauty is in the details. Our extra care results in increased equipment reliability, durability and the best overall value.  Based on our award winning designs we have numerous patented designs including the Material Master™ Bulk Bag Unloading System. The patent includes the following features available exclusively from Material Transfer:  Spider-Lift™ bag lifting frame, Flo-Master™ bag massaging system, Flo-Lock™ discharge gate, Seal-Master™ bag spout access chamber and the Sure-Seal™ pneumatic spout clamp system.

We also manufacture equipment that includes the following trade mark or patented designs: Flo-Lock™, Sure-Seal™, Seal-Master™, and Power-Flo™ which are patented features of the Material Master bulk bag discharging system.  Flo-Lock™, Power-Flo™, Spider-Lift™, Sure-Seal™, Seal-Master™ and Material Master™ are Trade Mark names of Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.  Power-Fill™, Power-Lift™, Easy-Load™, Loop-Lok™ and Material Master™ are Trade Mark names and/or patented (U.S. Patent #7,267,144 B2 & 7,267,145 B2) features of Material Transfer & Storage, Inc. The Control Link™ Rotation System is a Trade Mark and Patented (U.S. Patent #6,769,857 B2) feature available exclusively from Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.  Patents (#8,181,568 B1 and #8,567,312 B2) have also been received for our bulk bag and/or FIBC conditioning units.