Magnetic Product Inc.

MPI – Magnetic Product Inc. based in southeastern Michigan, is a worldwide provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions. MPI leads the industry by continuously engineering inventive magnetic equipment and advancing customer education through significant investments in research and development and proactive product training.

Founded in 1981, MPI’s first goal was to improve the performance of permanent magnetic separators. Within five years, MPI was to implement dramatic changes in equipment design that are still in place today. As a result of MPI’s engineering and development efforts, easy-to-clean manually operated permanent magnets and self-cleaning automatic permanent magnetic separators are common worldwide.

As MPI has grown over three decades, the same focus on product development and improvement has remained, and has been expanded to include magnetic conveying, automation and material handling equipment systems as well as metal detection.

MPI is proud to have established the industry standard for permanent magnet separator equipment design and performance. MPI magnetic separators are used in a wide range of industries, including food processing, grain, plastics, paper and pulp, chemical and more. The separators are engineered to provide maximum separation of metal contaminants from fine ferrous particles to large pieces of tramp iron in a variety of processed products, including powders, granular and liquid materials. Magnetic separators are installed in any processing or production line where ferrous contaminants are to be removed in order to ensure and protect product purity; prevent damage to machinery; and eliminate hazards associated with tramp metal.

MPI products include:

Chute Magnets – Ideal for use with heavy product flows which would otherwise bridge or choke if filtered through magnetic grates.

Drawer Magnets – The most common method to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in medium flows.

Drum Magnets – Ideal for demanding application. Removes medium ferrous tramp metal in high flows.

Eddy Current Separator – Removes nonferrous conductive metals & used for recycling applications.

Free Flow Magnets – Removes small-to-large ferrous tramp metal in high volume gravity feed applications.

Grate Magnets and Tube Magnets – The most economical way to capture fine ferrous tramp metal in medium flows.

Sanitary Liquid Conveying Magnets – Removes fine ferrous tramp metal from liquids in sanitary applications.

Plate Magnets – Ceramic, rare earth of hybrid configuration captures fine-to-medium ferrous tramp metal in chute applications.

Pneumatic Line Magnets – Captures fine ferrous tramp metal in dilute phase conveying.

Pull Test Kit – Most accurate and easiest way to test your magnets.

Separation Roll – Automatically removes tramp metal from material that travels on conveyer systems.

Suspended Magnets – Removes medium-to-large tramp metal from conveying systems with high burden depth.