The inventor of the Smart Elbow®

If you are tired of elbow failure, lost or damaged product, high cost shutdowns, and maintenance headaches, it’s time to upgrade your conveying system with our Smart Elbow. The Smart Elbow has been specially designed for your conveying needs. By creating a deflection zone, the Smart Elbow virtually eliminates elbow wear, product degradation, plugging, surging, cross contamination, noise, and turbulence. Its unique design saves space, time, and unnecessary costs. Navigate our site to learn how the Smart Elbow is revolutionizing conveying systems worldwide.

Innovation since day one.

HammerTek is the inventor and manufacturer of the Smart Elbow®. Having recognized a need for extremely wear resistant and space efficient elbows, the designers created a revolutionary elbow that operates by deflection.

The Smart Elbow is a breakthrough in pneumatic and slurry conveying. Elbow wear, surging, product damage, plugging, and continual downtime are now nuisances of the past.

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The Smart Elbow®, with its revolutionary design, has made it a versatile solution for many industries worldwide. In each industry the Smart Elbow has provided tried and true results—specifically in saving time, space, money, and conveyed material. With different sizes, alloys, and coatings available, there’s a Smart Elbow that will work for you.


Conveying plastics can present very specific complications if you aren’t using the right elbow. Other elbows can cause streamers due to friction and heat, as well as fines due to the impact of the turn. The Smart Elbow is the only elbow with a true deflection zone which eliminates harsh points of impact and reduces friction.


The Smart Elbow’s unique deflection zone prevents elbow wear, plugging, product degradation, and contamination. This makes it a valuable solution to the problems that can occur during grain conveying.

Pulp & Paper

HammerTek’s Smart Elbows are widely recognized for their ability to save costs, time and space by promoting a deflective direction change. The Smart Elbow is used by industry leaders all over America and Canada such as Weyerhauser, Georgia Pacific, and Northwood Pulp & Timber just to name a few.


In an industry where repeated shutdowns could have catastrophic consequences, downtime must be avoided. Excessive elbow wear, blowouts, plugging, and product leakage are eliminated when Smart Elbows are installed.

Wastewater Treatment

The Smart Elbow eliminates elbow wear in waste water treatment applications. In this demanding field, other types of reinforced elbows can crack, fissure and burst in just a couple of months. Downtime and replacement costs can skyrocket. The Smart Elbow is a long lasting solution due to its ingenious design.


Abrasive products can wreak havoc on conveying systems causing elbow wear leading to shutdowns and product loss. The Smart Elbow is the only elbow with a true deflection zone which eliminates problems such as wear and plugging.

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