Lines and Fittings

Shamrock Systems, Inc. offers a wide variety of lines and fittings, in an array of sizes and configurations. Our outstanding selection consist of thousands of common material handling components, such as compression couplings, elbows, laterals, tees, tubing, pipe, stainless steel flexhose and much more. We supply several different alloy types, such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and more.

Shamrock Systems supplies material handling lines, fittings, elbows, and hose for dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, central vacuum, and dust collection systems. If necessary, and without expense to our customers, our staff will come to your site to assist in preparing the most cost effective solution and layout for your project. We have a complete lines and fittings catalog that we would be happy to email you upon request. Give us a call and let us help piece together all your lines and fittings needs.

Shamrock Systems Complete Catalog

Shamrock Systems Lines and Fitting Catalog